Learn the risks of plants to cats and dogs

Posted on 08/09/2023

Indoor plants for the home can be beautiful additions and provide a natural way to filter interior air. Many homeowners prefer to enhance their spaces with green house plants and various flowers. Though that is a great way to design a home’s interior, pet owners must exercise caution with pet-safe indoor plants.

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Investing in a Second Home or Vacation Home: What You Need to Know

Posted on 08/02/2023

Yearning for a place to get away from the everyday? Looking for a property in a warmer climate you can flock to when Old Man Winter arrives? Want the flexibility to travel and vacation without having to find a place to rent or stay at a resort or unique hotel? If so, look closely at buying a second home or vacation home.

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Where do I start? Mapping out your home renovation plans

Posted on 07/26/2023

Before embarking on a road trip, it’s helpful to scan a map (online or on paper) so that you have proper directions, a good idea of how long it will take to arrive, and an estimate of how much your trip to the fuel pump will cost (especially nowadays).

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Top new landscaping trends for 2023

Posted on 07/20/2023

It’s never too early to give thought to your home’s curb appeal and the condition and cosmetic appeal of your yard and grounds. If you want to be prouder of the home you own and catch the eye of visitors and passersby, it pays to devote extra focus to landscaping improvements and front of house landscaping in 2023.

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Gardening without breaking the bank

Posted on 07/12/2023

You’ve always wanted a garden in your backyard with beautiful flowers to enjoy while also giving your home a boost in curb appeal. While a garden can also bring you a great deal of enjoyment, the costs of starting one from scratch can add up depending on how elaborate you want to get

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Low-Maintenance Plants to Put in Your Yard This Summer

Posted on 07/05/2023

Do you want a garden that bursts with life and color, but you don’t have time for all the fuss and muss that often attends gardening?

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Posted on 06/28/2023


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Posted on 06/21/2023

“Interior design” can be a misnomer. Now, more than ever, stylish, functional elements for the exterior are as equally important as those indoors.

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Posted on 06/14/2023

Accidents happen at home, especially in the bathroom. Water is often the culprit – people slip in the shower, tub, and in puddles on the floor and get burned by scalding temperatures.

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Planning the Home Garden – Delight or Disaster

Posted on 06/07/2023

All gardeners wrestle with the design of our home garden. The challenge comes from our familiarity with the property, making it difficult to visualize alternative designs.

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Posted on 06/01/2023

We’ve got you covered. Five Monmouth-based designers share tips for wow-worthy walls.

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Minor exterior upgrades that can help sell a home

Posted on 05/31/2023

The home improvement industry has been booming for years, but forecasters are projecting a deceleration in 2023 and perhaps beyond.

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Make your dog a better leash-walker

Posted on 05/24/2023

A leashed dog can be restrained from sniffing the waste of other animals, which may help curb the spread of diseases like distemper or parvo. Leashing also can reduce the propensity for the dog to run away from an owner and get lost.

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Mulch ado about nothing: Choosing the right mulch for your yard

Posted on 05/17/2023

Want to give your forthcoming foliage an extra boost this spring? Applying plant food and plant fertilizer can help. But don’t overlook the magical benefits of mulch, which can help your garden and grounds survive and thrive.

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How to Build a Chicken Salad Bar

Posted on 05/10/2023

Build this easy DIY chicken salad bar in your run to give your flock fresh greens even when they can't free range.

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Gardening with Chickens

Posted on 05/03/2023

Put your chickens to work for you in the garden for healthier chickens and a more bountiful garden. Gardening with chickens is a win-win.

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